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“What I like best about my banker is how the answer is always ‘yes.’ I may have pictured a different way to get there, but one way or another we get down to yes.”

Commercial  Lending

If I were the one reading this, I’d be asking myself “can these guys do anything better than my current banker?”

The answer depends on how much value you put on a quick response, access to local decision makers and competent loan officers that listen to your needs and understand your business.

Or if it means being able to pick up the phone and talking to your banker to get issues resolved or questions answered 24/7. If you value those, you’ll like Citizens Bank & Trust.

 Perhaps you place more value on not having to train a banker so you spend more time growing your business and reducing expenses. Working with the team of experienced professional bankers at Citizens Bank & Trust, you will know how our credit committee works so your objectives and your “request” will be respected and won’t be “reassembled by a committee located two time zones away.”

As an experienced business leader you can appreciate the significance of partnering with a bank that has stability and financial capacity to meet your needs today and in the future.

Those are the questions I’d be asking myself about the value of my banking relationship. I know that these values are what Commercial Banking clients want and that’s what we deliver. You’ll work with experienced banking professionals adept at creating resourceful solutions to handle all of your Commercial Banking from Lending to Treasury Management, to International, to Employee Benefits.


Commercial lending

Commercial lending

Experience Citizens
    Gain a competitive advantage by working with experienced and talented professionals delivering all your financial services

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