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Adding services or enrolling in ebankCBT

Complete the form to add existing accounts to your ebankCBT and/or enroll in the Free Billpayer or InterBank Transfer Services. Please complete the required (*) fields, and then check the boxes for the desired services.

For Consumer Accounts only- Please contact your regular banking center for Business/Cash Management enrollment assistance.

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Yes, enroll me in Free Billpayer! By checking this box,  I acknowledge that Billpayer is another method to access the funds in the checking account I have designated in
this application. I further acknowledge that by my use of Billpayer through Citizens Bank & Trust, I am paying my bills electronically through the Internet by ACH (Automated Clearing House) and/or by paper check processed on my behalf by Jack Henry & Associates, from a location in Oklahoma City, OK. I understand my personal ID number and PIN should not be shared with any third party that I do not want to have access to my personal accounts
and information.  I also grant permission for any fees associated with my use of Billpayer (including overdrafts), to be automatically deducted from designated checking account.
Pay Bills*  From: (Enter checking account number)
Yes, I request InterBank Transfer Service and any related fees that may be charged for use of the service. Refer to current Miscellaneous fees and Service Charge schedule for current fees, if any.

I agree to accept all disclosures, including privacy notices, electronically that Citizens Bank & Trust provides me as required by law.
By submitting below, I also attest that I agree to the terms of the ebankCBT Online Access Agreement and fee schedule.
Your ebank access is protected with an automatic “use it or lose it” process. If your ebank access goes unused for 6 months, it is frozen, requiring you to contact us to unlock it. After 1 year of continuous inactivity, the system will automatically delete the online account access.
This helps prevent malware from hijacking an unused online account access.

  Please allow pop-ups to complete the enrollment process.

Download Online Access Agreement (77KB PDF)