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Windows XP

As you may already know, on April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to Windows XP. This means that after April 8, 2014 there will be a substantial security risk to anyone using this operating system, since security vulnerabilities will no longer be patched. If you are currently using Windows XP please take note of this.

Although this will not cause an interruption to any of the services we provide our customers, continued use of a computer utilizing Windows XP could place your devices and the information on them at serious risk. We encourage you to learn more about this upcoming cessation of service by Microsoft and to become informed on what you will need to do to secure your information.


Online Banking Missouri and Kansas Area Residents Can Count On

Online Banking

Log on to ebank anytime for up-to-date account information. With no charge for online banking, Missouri and Kansas area residents may add our FREE Billpayer to make regular bill payments online. Send funds between your accounts outside Citizens Bank & Trust using InterBank Transfers, too. (Commercial customers, please visit Treasury Management for information on how we can fulfill your electronic payment requirements.)

To enroll, simply visit any CB&T banking center in North Missouri, or Kansas or or use the online enrollment page. With mobile banking, Kansas City, MO and surrounding area residents can:

  • Track account balances

  • View daily activity, cleared checks and deposit tickets

  • Pay bills online with our FREE Billpayer (additional enrollment required)

  • Transfer between internal accounts and make loan payments

  • Transfer funds to and from external accounts with InterBank Transfer

  • Add Mobi-bank, mobile banking via cell phone

  • Place real-time stop payment orders on checks

  • Receive balance and account activity alerts

  • Receive monthly account statements online

  • Download account activity for Quicken and more

Password Assistance

Whether you happen to be fumble-fingered or just forgetful, Password Assistance allows you to reactivate your ebank access if you lock out.

E-mail Alerts

ebankCBT users may choose to receive e-mail alerts for:

  • Account balance above or below an amount specified

  • Electronic debits or credits posting to an account

  • Specific checks clearing an account

  • Reminding yourself of events such as a deadline, anniversary or other important items

This free service is available to all ebank users by logging in and going to Account Options/Alerts. To ensure your alerts arrive, confirm the correct e-mail address is on file and that your spam filter accepts messages from ebankhelp "at"

Online Check Images

Deposit slips, too! Simply view transactions for your desired account and click the item number. You'll be able to view front and back; printing the image gives you a legal copy of the item to use for proof of payment if that becomes necessary. Even your Billpayer check payments images will be available!


Reduce the clutter in your mailbox and chances of identity theft by enrolling for eStatements. Once enrolled, you'll receive an alert message that your statement is ready. Simply follow a secure link, log in and your statement is there for your review or even print for your records if you desire.

To enroll, log in and go to Account Options/Electronic Statements. You'll be able to select which (or all) of your checking account statements to receive electronically and stop receiving paper statements.

Reorder Checks

If you have previously ordered your personal checks through CB&T, you may securely reorder checks from our Reorder Checks page. Commercial check orders are best handled through our toll free assistance center, 800-328-7205.

For more information on online banking, Missouri and Kansas area residents, contact the branch nearest you.